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Website Design and Delivery Process

We’ve got website design and delivery down to a science.  When you choose us to design your website you get a transparent experience with frank discussion about your wants and needs, and our recomendations on how to give your web visitors the user experience they need.

1. About your Complimentary Initial Consultation

Have you ever had a website before? If you have one already, how do you currently use your website? Do you need a new website design or would you just like to add some functionality? Would you like to update your own site? Who are your customers? How do they use and like your current website? How do you drive traffic to your site? These are just some of the questions you’ll be asked when we first meet to discuss your online marketing needs.

When developing websites we provide function and design tailored to your unique needs. In our complementary initial consultation, we aim to understand your business, your customers, and what they need to see on your site to appreciate what products and services you offer.

For websites beauty is only screen deep. What you site looks like is remarkably important but no matter how fancy or flashy a site is it’s main purpose is to communicate information. There is a fine line between form and function; and we aim to find it.

1.a. Your Design Proposal

After our initial consultation with you we review your current site, marketing materials and the information you shared with us to develop a unique proposal for your website. The proposal document includes a potential sitemap, a list of requirements and functional items like web applications or forms, and a quote outlining a range of billable hours and cost for the project.

1.b. Your Design Proposal Agreement

In some cases changes to the design proposal may be required and we will work with you to come to the ideal propsal for acceptance by both parties. Only when an agreement is accepted, signed and delivered with our retainer, can we move forward to the graphic design phase of a project.  We do not do speculative work.

2. About the Graphic Designing Phase

To design an effective website we need all the information that it will include, this allows us to organize the text and graphics into the ideal pursuasive argument.

Generally speaking this phase is the longest part of the web development process and it’s common to go through two or three versions of the design concept to refine the basic concept into a fully functional website.

We want you to get the most for your money so to complete this development stage our clients sign-off on the graphic design meaning there are no further design changes required, because once we have built the prototype major design changes can be costly.

3. About the Prototype Building Phase

Your website prototype is built to the specifications of the approved design concept.  The static elements of your site are built using XHTML and the latest CSS techniques to ensure fast loading times and cross-browser compatibility, and any dynamic elements of your website are created either with jQuery or Flash.

4. About the Website Testing Phase

In this stage of development the HTML structure, links, buttons, and forms are tested for cross browser compatibility in all modern web browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer (versions 6, 7 and 8), Safari, Opera and Chrome.

5. About the Website Delivery Phase

With the site tested and ready to go, we upload it to your web server and do any required configuration, including set up of plugins and modules for content management systems, and installing Google Analytics or any other tracking software.

Finally, we submit your completed website to the three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo! including an XML sitemap and a robots.txt file.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, our vancouver webdesign company is open weekdays from 10am-6pm.  Give us a call at 604.415.0494 or email

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