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Landing Pages

The purpose of a landing page is to increase conversion rates.  A conversion isn’t just someone buying your product or service through your website, it can be anything you determine it to be, like someone clicking on a try it now or download demo button, or signing up for a newsletter or user account on your site.

So why would you want to increase conversion rates?  Because an improved conversion rate lets you know you’re doing something right, and once you’re doing something right you can repeat it to your profitable advantage.

Here is a series of landing pages we put together that were the first pages on our clients site seen by visitors clicking on matching animated banner ads.

Landing Page Design Samples

Landing pages can be a very inexpensive method for A/B testing, or measuring the success of one promotion against another slightly different promotion. Landing pages can also be used to track click-through rates on your email campaigns, or written specifically to attract search engines for specific keywords.  With all these different purposes you can imagine that the pages would look and work differently some rely heavily on images while others need more text.

The specific elements you might want to use landing pages to test conversion rates may include:

  • Pricing
  • Headlines
  • Call to Action
  • General Page Copy or Ad Copy
  • Images or Graphics
  • Buttons: Look, Text or Location
  • Quotes or Testimonials

Next time you’re not sure about an ad or promotion, make it a landing page and test it out to see how your unique mix of customers will respond.


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