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Animated Banner Ads

Advertising is everywhere online, from the obtrusive ads that pop over the text you’re trying to read to the simple search engine text, image and animated ads; and if you want your message to get attention you need to stand out from the crowd. To give our clients the edge they need we create custom animated banner ads with a unique mix of artwork, copy and animation styles suitable for each client’s needs.

When it comes to animation options for banner ads you can choose from highly flexible Flash animation, or more limited animated .GIFs that work more like an old school flip-book, and media rich banners which begin as a standard size banner that expands on rollover to reveal a number of other panels and can support user interaction with drop-down menus or form fields.

These example animated banner ads were built as the first part of an ad campaign that led to custom website landing pages.

This example animated GIF banner ad was designed for use in advertising networks like Google:

Free Sports Picks Expert

Search engines like Google provide a set of standard sizes for banner ads, at least one size of which will fit nicely into most websites. Here are the current standard image sizes for Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads:

  • Leaderboard – 728 x 90 pixels
  • Banner – 468 x 60 pixels
  • Skyscraper – 120 x 600 pixels
  • Wide Skyscraper – 160 x 600 pixels
  • Small Square – 200 x 200 pixels
  • Square – 250 x 250 pixels
  • Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250 pixels
  • Large Rectangle – 336 x 280 pixels

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