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Web Applications

Web Applications can take many forms, from custom ecommerce storefronts to complex video uploading and encoding platforms. We use the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) to create robust, scalable solutions for your requirements.

Web Application Example

Many of our clients find themselves in the position where they need a bit more than a simple PayPal ecommerce shopping cart, but don’t need the overhead of a full cart application such as ZenCart or osCommerce. Using PHP and MySQL, we can create a storefront for you that draws your products from a database that you populate using error-checking forms that crop and resize your product images for you. We did this for Mandala Life.

Web Application Example

Our lead developer, Steve, has worked on a number of contracts for other companies developing websites and web applications. One of his earliest was a YouTube-like video site that focused on user-generated serialized content, and built a site architecture and uploading pipeline for two different video encoding engines: the On2 Flix server side encoder, and the On2 Publisher browser plugin encoder. Steve did this for BooMeeHaa.

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