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We use a variety of scripting languages to give your website a dynamic edge or additional functionality. Depending on your requirements, we have a few different scripting options. We can use JavaScript (specifically, the jQuery library and AJAX) to asynchronously update or change your page without having to reload it, or we can create Flash objects using ActionScript 3.0. Not all scripting needs to be done in your browser though – sometimes a small bit of server-side code in PHP is enough to create the effect or parse the data you are looking for.

jQuery Example

Say you want to have certain parts of the page to be revealed when you mouse over certain other areas of the page. With jQuery, we can have you mouse over any part of the page, even elements that normally wouldn’t have hover behaviour, and reveal a previously hidden image, element, or block of text. We did this for the Urban Beat Dance Co.

Flash/ActionScript 3.0/JavaScript Example

Feel the need to show a series of images, and have something on your web page change each time the image does? We built a Flash/ActionScript 3.0 image rotator for our own home page, and used JavaScript hooks to send commands back and forth between the page and the Flash object. See it here on our home page.

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