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Plugins and Modules

Thanks to open source software, there are now dozens if not hundreds of excellent content management systems and blog platforms available free of charge to anyone with the ability to download and install. For many websites, the basic installation of WordPress or Joomla may be all you need to satisfy your requirements. But then, you want a contact form, and a photo gallery, and then a way to register students for your dance class.

Enter the world of plugins, modules, and components. They are all basically the same thing – additional functionality for your platform. There is no need to do any strange hacks or workarounds, most of these platforms invite third-party modules. In fact, the plugin library available for WordPress is one reason we recommend it to many people, and why we chose it for our own website.

Plugin Example

Say you want to edit some HTML on your blog homepage, but you don’t want to mess with the layout. Maybe you want to re-order the items listed in this block of text on your blog. Maybe you want to change the link. Maybe you have more than one person who may be editing this block of text. With a WordPress plugin, we can give you a form to fill out with your specific list items, including where they link to, and allow you to drag each item up or down in the order, and simply click save to have it re-ordered perfectly. We did this for Big Juice Media.

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