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The Vault Valet StoragePosted by Jenn on Monday, June 28th, 2010

The Vault Valet Storage Website Goes Live

Joyce Wall, of Vancouver’s Vault Valet Storage chose to partner with us – thanks in large part to the A+ Rating we’ve earned from the BBB; to create a website that would be an effective platform for her Google Ad Campaign.

The Vault Valet Storage in Vancouver is simply the most secure, modern, and clean storage facility we’ve ever seen – it’s all on the first floor so there are no rickety ladders, tricky staircases or elevators to maneuver through and the security they offer is second to none with a monitored video surveillance and alarm system, auto locking doors, and restricted public access to storage areas through their lobby. They offer great monthly storage rates starting from $39/month, have all kinds of special offers including your 1st month free and a $50 VISA gift card giveaway, and their friendly staff even help move your stuff in!

Clearly all the features and benefits offered by The Vault Valet Storage made our job easy – all we had to do was find a way to organize and keep so many wonderful things prominently featured on their website.  To make it all possible for Joyce we created unique design theme for WordPress featuring her BBB rating and a Quick Quote form, amalgamated and wrote her web copy tying it to the search terms we would be bidding on, and provided her with a complimentary WordPress user guide unique to her specific WordPress website design and layout.

We build websites tailored to your business objectives and processes – because shoehorning your unique business into existing solutions is often more expensive than building it right the first time.  Contact us to see what’s possible for your unique business.

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