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WordPress as a Content Management System

Have you been looking for a simple website solution with an easy way to update your own website content?

Here’s why using the WordPress platform as a content management system (CMS) or back-end makes running your own website super easy.

We’ve been converting standard website designs into WordPress design themes so that our clients can log-in to a simple web interface, quickly and easily update their own website content, add their own pictures and generally keep their own websites up to date.

Why Choose WordPress Specifically?

Well for starters, we picked the WordPress Blog Software to act as a Content Management System for our new site, but there are all kinds of blog platforms out there and WordPress shines for all kinds of reasons:

You’re In Good Company

WordPress is well-established, has the most users, and it’s a stable platform.  It’s not just for bloggers anymore, all kinds of companies are choosing to use WordPress as a content management system, as we have, including the beautiful new Vancouver Convention Center, and well established companies like Macleans Magazine, Mozilla Labs and Vision Critical.

Search Engines Love WordPress

Generally speaking WordPress websites get indexed by search engines more quickly and frequently than traditionally built websites.  On top of this generally preferential attentiveness there are a wide variety of free plug-ins that streamline your site and raise your sites profile on search engines.

You’re In The Driver’s Seat

When you choose WordPress for your website backend you have the freedom to take your website to any other designer. Unlike a lot of proprietary website design systems on which you can build your own website your WordPress website isn’t tied to any particular company or web designer.  If at any time you choose to have a different web design company maintain or redesign your website, you’re free to do so.

You Get A Complete Wardrobe For Your Website

For the budget minded there are thousands and thousands of free professional design themes available.  I know what you’re thinking, your company does webdesign so why would you want people to use free themes?  We want our clients to get the most for their money and that doesn’t always mean we need to start from scratch.  If a client finds a design theme they like, we can set it up and add the function they really need like contact forms, photo galleries and flash or jQuery animations.

Oh and your WordPress design theme can be changed as easily as your wardrobe, whether we create a custom WordPress design theme for you or you choose one of the free design themes.

A Million Code Monkeys

The WordPress software is built using open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL.  The WordPress project is worked on by dozens if not hundreds of programmers and the code base is open to anyone from veteran programmers to baby code monkeys and curious observers, which allows for rapid discovery and response to bugs and flaws in the system.

What You See Is What You Get

The WordPress visual text editor works just like Microsoft Word and you (along with multiple other users including your Mom) can type your content directly into the website, spell-check it, apply formatting like selecting text alignment, sizes and colours, and then you can save it as a draft, or publish it immediately to your site.

A word of warning, copying and pasting text out of Word can have unexpected results!  If you must create your content in Word documents you’ll need to copy your content out of Word and paste it into a simple text editor like Notepad or Wordpad, then copy the text out of Notepad or Wordpad and into the WordPress text editor.


The content is completely separated from the design and layout of your website.  I don’t want to overstate my case but a well designed WordPress website is incredibly robust.  There is almost no way to “break” your design theme when updating text.

In our experience, in the case when something has gone wrong the culprit has been text copied out of Word and pasted directly into the WordPress text editor.

Websites are meant to reflect what’s happening in your business right now. Your business isn’t static so why is your website?

Ask us about converting your current website design to a WordPress design theme today.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, our vancouver graphic design and web design company is open weekdays from 10am-6pm.  Email us at

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