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Landing Pages Make Your Site WorkPosted by Jenn on Monday, January 25th, 2010

Make your website work for you – build landing pages.

For every email, coupon, promotion, flyer, or poster you make or send out build a specific landing page on your site geared towards the next step in the sale for your specific customer.

Every click to that page tells you exactly how many people are interested in what you’re offering and you’re thanking them for their interest by welcoming them to your site and ushering them directly to the heart of the reason they’ve chosen to visit; what they want is all the applicable additional information about your offer or promotion.  You know that’s what they want because that’s what the button they clicked on offered them.

And for every further click to purchase or sign-up (or whatever next action you’re asking them to take) you know how many people were satisfied by your offer and how many weren’t interested given the additional information.

I know not everyone had the benefit of a formal education in operations management so believe me when I tell you: “If you can’t measure, it you can’t manage it!” So get your landing pages built and measure your success more accurately so you can repeat it again and again.

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