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Graphic Design

When you’re a business start-up it’s tempting to just quickly put together your own logo or print your business cards on a home printer.  Even though you’re saving a little upfront cost you’d more likely be costing yourself future income by entering the market without a stable, focused, polished, professional company image.

We view graphic design as a form of visual communication and presentation.  It blends visual elements such as logos or other artwork, organized text and design elements such as shapes and color to send a clear message to it’s viewers.

Graphic design, when used as a tool for business marketing, becomes a sort of leadership with the purpose of guiding people to purchase a product or service. Whether for print or the web we develop marketing materials to show how a company, product or service meets the needs of a group of people.

Graphic Design for Print

Common uses of printed grahic design for business include logos, business cards, brochures, flyers and posters, and presentation folders.

Logo Design
Have you found yourself wondering how your company can be visible, credible, and memorable in a single image? It’s not a simple process but with enough skill and design experience a graphic designer can create a striking iconic image under which your company can flourish for years. Read more about our logo designs

Business Card Design
Your business card is your most frequently used single printed marketing material. It’s not just a collection of your contact information it’s your business’ image and a measure of your professionalism. Distinguish yourself, get a professionally designed business card. Don’t miss our unbeatable business card deal. Read more about our business card designs

Brochure Design
You want to get the call when someone has a need for your product and leaving a customer with a brochure after a meeting or sales call keeps your message close at hand. Read more about our brochure designs

Flyer and Poster Design
Posters and flyers are visually presented information, a single communication designed to be eye catching and (briefly) informative to their target market. Read more about our flyer and poster design

Graphic Design for the Web

Graphic design for the web includes a wide variety of graphic elements from the incredibly simple buttons and badges, to an entire website layout with multi-layered graphic design elements.  Some web graphics are merely visual interest like backgrounds and textures but some like the feature on our home page and our portfolio are connected to complex programming making them highly functional web components.

Website Design
We develop websites that work from the look and feel to the nuts and bolts. Read more about our website design

Animated Banner Ads
Advertising online is everywhere so if you’re going to advertise online you need to stand out to get your message across. Read more about our animated banner ad design

Static Banner Ads
Advertising online is everywhere so if you’re going to advertise online you need to stand out to get your message across. Read more about our static banner ads

Badges, Buttons and Icons
Graphic elements like badges, buttons and icons can give your website focus, direct visitors to new pages or create interest in a promotion. Read more about our badges, buttons and icon designs

Landing Pages
Devloping a landing page or series of landing pages for your website can make a real difference to your bottom line. Landing pages give you an opportunity to speak directly to a segment of your target market and it doesn’t hurt search engine results either. Read more about our landing page designs

Background Designs for Social Media
Twitter and MySpace allow users to customize their background images giving companies another way to extend their brands. Read more about our social media background designs


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, our vancouver graphic design and web design company is open weekdays from 10am-6pm.  Give us a call at 604.415.0494 or email

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