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Usage Based Billing – Stop The Meter

Heard the ruckus about the campaign? No clue what they’re talking about? For those just joining us here are the quick & dirty facts about the outrage over metering the Internet or usage-based billing (UBB): The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved Bell Canada’s request to initiate usage-based billing (UBB) in 2009.  Check […]

Our First Mobile Post

Here it is, the very first post to our blog from the WordPress app. I had an iphone for a year and somehow it never felt like I could use that smartphone for some serious business. As soon as I got the Samsung Note2 the first thing I thought of was how many of my […]

Christmas Holiday Hours

Interface Media Group Inc will be closed for the holiday season from Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 to Monday, January 2nd, 2012.  We will resume our normal business hours on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012.  We wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season!

Canada Day Long Weekend Hours

Interface Media Group Inc will be closed From Thursday, June 30th, 2011 to Monday, July 4th, 2011 in observance of Canada Day.

Twitter for Small Business

I know you hear it everywhere Twitter this & tweet that and it’s certainly great to use new and interactive outlets to get your message out online but you also need to consider that you’re going to get out of it exactly what you put into it. Twitter is not a set-it and forget-it kind […]

Metering The Internet, Wrong At Any Price

Metering the internet is wrong at any price, let me tell you why. Under any form of UBB (usage-based billing for internet service) consumers would have no ability to make informed decisions when choosing when and where to “spend” their allotted amount of internet. Anyone can receive cap-bustingly large attachments in their email at any […]

Canadian Thanksgiving Hours

Interface Media Group Inc will be closed From Friday, October 8th, 2010 to Monday, October 11th, 2010 in observance of Canadian Thanksgiving.

Labour Day Long Weekend Hours

Interface Media Group Inc will be closed on Monday, September 6th in observance of Labour Day.

BC Day Long Weekend Hours

Interface Media Group Inc will be closed on Friday, July 30th and Monday, August 2nd for the BC Day long weekend.

Lodging Boise website goes live

The Lodging Boise Website Redesign Now Live Our friends at the Meridian Hospitality Group asked us to put together a new look for the Lodging Boise website – your source for all things happening in and around Boise, Idaho’s capital city. The website features all the restaurants, events and attractions any tourist would want to […]

Connect Your Website & Social Media 2

My previous post Connect Your Website & Social Media, was the big test and I’m happy to report it worked perfectly: I logged in to WordPress, wrote the post, published to our website and one short hour later the post appeared on both our Facebook Page and our Twitter Page.

Connect Your Website & Social Media

I’m taking a huge step outside my comfort zone to connect the blog portion of our WordPress website to both our Facebook Page and our Twitter account. If I’ve really connected all our online presences then you probably can to and in my next post I’ll tell you how. If not I’ll tell you how Steve fixed it for me so you’ll be able to avoid my mistakes and connect your WordPress blog to your social media networks.

The Vault Valet Storage

The Vault Valet Storage Website Goes Live Joyce Wall, of Vancouver’s Vault Valet Storage chose to partner with us – thanks in large part to the A+ Rating we’ve earned from the BBB; to create a website that would be an effective platform for her Google Ad Campaign. The Vault Valet Storage in Vancouver is […]

See The Writing on the Wall

The Writing On The Wall Website Goes Live Our newest client Lisa, of The Writing On The Wall has a fantastic product: Removable Vinyl Wall Art Decals.  Yes, I said REMOVABLE so now every renter out there can have amazing designer wall art appliques without risking their damage deposit! On The Writing On The Wall […]

How are you doing?

How do you know how you’re doing? Sometimes your clients will go out of their way to let you know but the easier you make it for them to give you valuable feedback, the more likely it is that your clients will let you know how you’re doing. Your business exists to meet your customer’s […]

Social Media Makes Your Site Work

Make your site work for you – incorporate social media. With the advent of Facebook and MySpace, Twitter and Linked-In there are all kinds of ways to interact with your customers online.  Back on your website, you’re the king and (it’s good to be the king because) you can say all the wonderful things you’d […]

Keep It Current Make Your Site Work

Make your site work for you – Keep your site current. While it can feel like a chore to keep your website up to date, letting it languish could cost you dearly. If you’ve taken the time to put together a fantastic sales event, you wouldn’t attempt to run the sale without telling people about […]

Writing a Blog – Tip #1

There are several keys to writing blogs but the first is consistency, both your faithful readers and search engines like to see new articles every day or week or month.  Pick your frequency and stick to it.  WordPress makes it easy to write posts ahead of time and publish them according to your frequency.  Stay […]

Blogs Make Your Site Work

Make your website work for you – Write a Blog. Search Engines love blogs and as a website owner you should too.  You’re an expert at what you do so share a little bit of your experience with the world and you’ll also encourage the search engines to crawl your website. Since you’re already writing […]

Landing Pages Make Your Site Work

Make your website work for you – build landing pages. For every email, coupon, promotion, flyer, or poster you make or send out build a specific landing page on your site geared towards the next step in the sale for your specific customer. Every click to that page tells you exactly how many people are […] v3.1 Released!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Interface Media Group Inc. releases it’s all new website, version 3.1. The new website is on the WordPress platform, and resurrects our long-since-departed IMG Tech Blog in an expanded blog format. The new website incorporates a custom design from our Creative Director, Jennifer Faccin, along with many exciting web technologies: XHTML and […]

Rugrats Online Store Now Live

Looking for an online store with piles of function, like product integration with your facebook page, that you can easily manage yourself? Click through the now live ecommerce website created for the WordPress platform and give us a call!

Childrens Clothing Online Store

New Rugrats Gear ecommerce website featuring clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers and older kids. Website features: custom skin (or design) for WordPress content management system – website owners easily update content, sleek and simple ecommerce store with shopping cart, online shipping calculator, enewsletter sign-up with auto reponses. Watch for the new Rugrats Gear website […]

Do You Poken?

Managing too many social networks? Try Poken – the easy way to link all your social media profiles and add friends when you meet face to face. Find out more about Poken on the new ecommerce websites launched by Interface Media Group Inc for Pokens in Canada and Pokens in the United States. Website Features: […]

BC's Ministry of Agriculture & Lands

Interface Media Group Inc. joins a team of developers including our friends at Emerald Activities to restructure a major website for the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. Website Project Description: Convert existing MAL website pages to 2008 Government of BC website standards compliant webpage templates.> Visit the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands website

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