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We're not just another Vancouver web design and Vancouver graphic design company, we're Interface Media Group and we deliver.

There's nothing fancy about it, we deliver projects on time and on budget, that's our commitment to you. To deliver projects of all sizes, we've formed a scalable team of professional designers and programmers.

Driving our team is Steve Faccin, officially our Technical Director, but also our chief programmer, client account representative, search engine optimizer and technical project manager; and Jenn Faccin, officially our Creative Director, but also our chief graphic designer, client account representative, copy writer and creative project manager.

Our team is ready to deliver your project so have a look around, see what our clients say, view our portfolio and contact us. We're looking forward to working with your team.

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We think that part of being a responsible small business is giving back to our community so we share our trials and tribulations in developing our print advertisements and web projects right here on our blog.

Usage Based Billing – Stop The Meter

Heard the ruckus about the campaign? No clue what they’re talking about? For t...

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Our First Mobile Post

Here it is, the very first post to our blog from the WordPress app. I had an iphone for a year ...

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Christmas Holiday Hours

Interface Media Group Inc will be closed for the holiday season from Wednesday, December 14th, 2...

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Canada Day Long Weekend Hours

Interface Media Group Inc will be closed From Thursday, June 30th, 2011 to Monday, July 4th, 201...

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Project Profile - WordPress

Looking for a simple Website solution?

Here's why a WordPress back-end makes running your Website super easy.

We've been converting standard website designs into WordPress design themes so that our clients can log-in to a simple web interface, quickly and easily update their own site content, add their own pictures and generally keep their own websites up to date.

Websites are meant to reflect what's happening in your business right now. Your business isn't static so why is your website?

Ask us about converting your current website design to a WordPress design theme today.

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See What Our Clients Say...

Miss Dee, Diracles

"IMG truly does give you the freedom to do what you do best!"

Miss Dee, Diracles... Personalized Services

Graeme Oxendale, Urban Beat Dance Co

"they made my life much easier while making me more money."

Graeme Oxendale, Urban Beat Dance Co

Paul & Kathie Scott, Living Vision Enterprises

"both creative & efficient, they've come to our rescue more than once."

Paul & Kathie Scott, Living Vision Enterprises

Peter Ferreira, Dance Addicts Studio

"they've saved me during time constraints many times..."

Peter Ferreira, Dance Addicts Studio

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